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Basic Residential Package

Starting at
  • Every week service
  • Skim out leaves and other debris from the surface of the pool
  • Brush the walls as needed
  • Vacuum the pool floor as needed
  • Test pH and chlorine levels
  • Add in necessary chemicals (included in price)
  • Empty out all skimmer and pump baskets
  • Pool system check up

Basic Spa Package

Starting at
  • Clean Out All Debris
  • Use Spa Wand to Vacuum All Dirt/Sand
  • Test Chemical Levels
  • Add Needed Chemicals (Cost of Chemicals Included)
  • System Check Up

Chemical Package

Starting at $60/month

  • Every week service
  • Test pH and chlorine levels
  • Add in necessary chemicals (included in price)

Filter Cleans

Starting at $75

  • Take apart filter and wash off grids
  • Inspect all grids and parts inside the filter
  • Ensure proper functionality of filter
  • Add DE to the filter grids (included in price)

Salt Cell Clean

Starting at $45

  • Remove salt cell from system
  • Fill Cell with Acid solution
  • Remove Calcium Buildup
  • Re-Install the Salt Cell
  • Re-Collaborate Cell as Needed

Acid Wash

Starting at $650

  • Drain pool
  • Pour an acid solution on plaster walls to remove stains
  • Refill pool
  • Restore proper pH and chlorine levels
  • Restore proper conditioner levels

Mastic Jobs

Starting at $600

  • Remove old mastic
  • Clear off area around deck
  • Pour sand in mastic area
  • Pour in new mastic